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Another closed chapter

So, this is the second transition happening to me within a month’s time. I shifted places and moved into a better apartment in a better locality from the first week of September. I took some time to set up my workplace here and now that it is done, this is the first blog post from the new place.
Then there is this significant shift happening in the workplace. Since joining this company, I had been working for a specific project under certain clientèle. The change of project is a significant change, as is considered in these scenarios, as it opens out new avenues and provides with new and better opportunities.

Yesterday was my last day in the previous project. I wrote a farewell email to the entire team (of 200 approximately) about my thoughts while leaving the project. I made some twenty drafts before finalising on what you are going to read here. Once this was done, clicking the send button was so easy.

Dear everyone,

Turns out today is my last day working with *****.

Time for some statistics.

In the last two years, three months and twelve days in this project, I have worked in five different teams, with and under six different leads, had one work related travel opportunity, arranged / co-arranged numerous TEA team activities – while being seated in two different cubicles. I was lucky to have worked on two different technologies (broadly), have learnt about three different domain functionalities (roughly) and in turn, spent time with so many team mates. The keyword is ‘different’ here.

You may ask what I have got from it all? I gained oodles of experience, is all I can say. My decision to join this project as a fresher was purely based on what I heard about it – that it had some quality learning and development opportunities. To be true to myself, I have not been disappointed much. I am not one to regret on my decisions and neither did I want to regret here. From the very first day here, I made it a point that I spend every minute of my time by learning about new technologies, as well as newer aspects of the existing technologies. Being part of multiple teams and being responsible to develop and work on multiple applications did help. There was never any dearth of learning. Newer applications came up with newer challenges in the form of wide variations of requirements and wider technical understanding. I was lucky to have given the chance to carry on R&D works during much of my time here and that opened up my awareness to new technologies and made me eager to learn more. If there is any alternative to hard work, it would be smart work and I tried to work hard and smart and reach all my goals and expectations in time.

If I have to thank my colleagues, I will have to take everyone’s name, and of course am not going to do that. I thank the entire team of ***** and ******** – I thank my leads for showing me the correct paths when I went wrong (in technical aspects), I thank my team mates from the various teams for spending happy and fun times with me, and I thank everyone else for being good colleagues over the span of the last two years. Though, I can’t leave without offering my respect for ******, ******, ****** and **** *****.

My two cents for the newcomers and juniors in the team – it’s totally up to you how you leverage the chances and opportunities provided to you. None will force you or ask you to grow. It’s you who need to find the path for the same. And the path is just around, waiting to be found out. Make good choices, work hard, get good results – things are that simple.

Everyone needs to move on at some point, whatever the reason be. So do I. And this is my day.

I am available over phone and email 24 x 7, and leaving this project won’t change any of it. Mail me anytime, call up any time and I will be glad to reconnect.

With acknowledgement of all the gracious gestures towards me over time, am leaving this project with fond memories. Take care, everyone. Adios!

N.B. The *s are the beeps, only proper nouns, with non-disclosable names and details.

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