Mini-series – Lookback Kashmir in Monochrome

Having been quite regular with Instagram for some time now, the urge to keep on experimenting with different forms of photography has always been inspiring. As a result, even if am yet to recognize the signature mark or style for myself, experimenting with different types, genres, variations has helped me understand various aspects of photography.

The latest interest is in running mini-series of photographs with similar themes. Frequent travelling helps. This post is about the mini-series titled ‘Lookback Kashmir in Monochrome’ that I ran in Instagram over the span of two weeks starting from May 10th.

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Thoughts on switching to Xiaomi as primary phone

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I have been thinking for quite some time to upgrade my primary phone which was a MotoG 3rd Generation. I bought it last year – a humble device with 1GB RAM, 16GM memory and a decent camera. Before that, I was already using a First Generation MotoG. During that upgrade it was quite natural that I would go for the then latest third generation model.

Motorola phones have been a go-to choice for one primary reason – the stock android experience. Since a Nexus was out of budget, the MotoG was a natural choice.

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Things in mind – July, 2016

It’s been a long time that I have actually blogged – for the love of it – apart from working on reviews and interviews for Between The Lines. Whenever I sit to write these days, nothing flows out and I end up feeling nostalgic about and envious of the good old blogging days from college.

In the midst of this apocalypse (when words don’t tumble out as they are supposed to), I have decided to give ‘writing’ a push – one day at a time, one small (relevant / irrelevant) post at a time – till I get back the groove. My writing abilities now is infinitely worse than those good old days, and it’s high time I need to get back the mojo!

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What is a Chromebook and why you should buy one

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I just got a new Chromebook – this last weekend. It was as impromptu a buy as anything can be. While it was not an absolute necessity as much as personal requirement was concerned, it’s a buy that I knew I will not regret about. Add to it the cost factor – this specific store in the city was giving it out on a flat 50% rebate (which led me to ask them the reason, being surprised) – their stock clearance sale, seemingly. And no doubt they got a satisfied customer. Continue reading

Google Fit Milestone: 10k steps a day

I started using Google Fit on the very day it was launched. When it comes to data and gadgets and newer technologies and specifically, Google, am always there hopping in fast. Though I had to wait five days to get an official invite to try out Inbox by Gmail, consolation is that was not under my direct control.

The latest wave of healthcare and fitness apps and wearables is exciting. It makes me want to wake up in the dawn and go for that run, finally. I know I will have data to smile to, later on. I have been a long time user of Runkeeper. When Google announced Fit, I was pretty excited because I knew it this data will be omnipresent – related to my Gmail account, and will be accessible anywhere, from any device. Runkeeper and Nike+ – the two apps I used before to track my walks and runs, are also present in all platforms and all devices. But what they lack is the seamless integration to something like a Gmail account – they lack the feel of personalised data that one’s primary Gmail account provides by its universal presence and acceptability.

Bright ray of hope – both Runkeeper and Nike+ announced they will be giving updates to sync with Google Fit – that only meant that my data of over two years shall be available and synced to Fit. More on that later.

From 29th October till today, I had set my daily goals to be one hour of activity and 6k steps – and I have been crossing both of the goals regularly. Once I understood that 6k steps a day will be easily reachable for me on a daily basis, I was looking forward to break a personal milestone of 10k steps a day.

And yesterday, on the 11th November, 2014, it happened. 11988 steps. 1 hour 53 minutes. If you care to round off both, they become 12k and 2 hours. Interesting. Motivating.

From tomorrow onwards, I will be pushing my goal to 7k steps a day. Time goal still will remain 1 hour. It’s better to increase the limits one step at a time.

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Rise of Google Fit and other fitness apps

So, Google Fit is the new health and fitness app by Google.

Right now, in the technical world, the most talked about and researched topic is related to health and fitness. And am glad that it is so. Am glad that people are becoming more concerned about health these days. Maybe, it’s due to the fact that the guys who are taking these initiatives (the developers and the technology companies) are the ones most affected with issues on health, with all the hours of sitting in front of the computers.

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Home is not real life, or is it?

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Home is not real life. Home has always been the place where I go back on vacations, to take breaks, from real life. To me, everything that is not remotely related to real life has always been home. When I left home at the age of ten, I was in my fourth standard. My parents had already taken the decision to send me to a boarding school not because I was an uncontrollable, miserable child – they had sent me thinking of my own good – to help me give a kickstart to a successful academic life at the best school in the state. You can’t blame them anyway. I don’t do too.

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Another closed chapter

So, this is the second transition happening to me within a month’s time. I shifted places and moved into a better apartment in a better locality from the first week of September. I took some time to set up my workplace here and now that it is done, this is the first blog post from the new place.
Then there is this significant shift happening in the workplace. Since joining this company, I had been working for a specific project under certain clientèle. The change of project is a significant change, as is considered in these scenarios, as it opens out new avenues and provides with new and better opportunities.

Yesterday was my last day in the previous project. I wrote a farewell email to the entire team (of 200 approximately) about my thoughts while leaving the project. I made some twenty drafts before finalising on what you are going to read here. Once this was done, clicking the send button was so easy.

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