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Available for download: Distancer


For the last couple of months I have been working on an Android application. The app helps you to get the distance and duration between two places in three different modes of transportation, namely – driving, cycling and walking. Distancer, the app, is live in the Google Play Store now!

Why Distancer over other apps?

1. Distancer might be more useful in the sense that it does not overload the users with unnecessary information. Distancer does the best at what it does – providing distance and duration data.
2. Even in places with low network access, Distancer can work with ease. It needs a proper internet connection when user wants to get distance data between two places for the first time. The next time onwards, cached data will be provided to the users, and hence, network strength should not be an issue.
3. Distancer provides distance and duration data in three different modes of travel – Driving, Cycling and Walking.


1. Blazing fast distance and duration data output.
2. Output in three different modes – driving, cycling and walking.
3. Clear marking in Map for Source and Destination with the travelling route clearly drawn in between. Interactive map with permanent markers for Source and Destination.
4. Provides a faster output in case the same Source and Destination set is searched for in the future.
5. Gets user location using GPS

It would be great if you try out the app from theĀ Google Play Store. Share your valuable feedback as and when you can. Please rate the app on the Play Store if you find it useful.

Feel free to share this with your friends, colleagues and anybody who would be interested in trying it out.



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