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Google Fit Milestone: 10k steps a day

I started using Google Fit on the very day it was launched. When it comes to data and gadgets and newer technologies and specifically, Google, am always there hopping in fast. Though I had to wait five days to get an official invite to try out Inbox by Gmail, consolation is that was not under my direct control.

The latest wave of healthcare and fitness apps and wearables is exciting. It makes me want to wake up in the dawn and go for that run, finally. I know I will have data to smile to, later on. I have been a long time user of Runkeeper. When Google announced Fit, I was pretty excited because I knew it this data will be omnipresent – related to my Gmail account, and will be accessible anywhere, from any device. Runkeeper and Nike+ – the two apps I used before to track my walks and runs, are also present in all platforms and all devices. But what they lack is the seamless integration to something like a Gmail account – they lack the feel of personalised data that one’s primary Gmail account provides by its universal presence and acceptability.

Bright ray of hope – both Runkeeper and Nike+ announced they will be giving updates to sync with Google Fit – that only meant that my data of over two years shall be available and synced to Fit. More on that later.

From 29th October till today, I had set my daily goals to be one hour of activity and 6k steps – and I have been crossing both of the goals regularly. Once I understood that 6k steps a day will be easily reachable for me on a daily basis, I was looking forward to break a personal milestone of 10k steps a day.

And yesterday, on the 11th November, 2014, it happened. 11988 steps. 1 hour 53 minutes. If you care to round off both, they become 12k and 2 hours. Interesting. Motivating.

From tomorrow onwards, I will be pushing my goal to 7k steps a day. Time goal still will remain 1 hour. It’s better to increase the limits one step at a time.

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