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Rise of Google Fit and other fitness apps

So, Google Fit is the new health and fitness app by Google.

Right now, in the technical world, the most talked about and researched topic is related to health and fitness. And am glad that it is so. Am glad that people are becoming more concerned about health these days. Maybe, it’s due to the fact that the guys who are taking these initiatives (the developers and the technology companies) are the ones most affected with issues on health, with all the hours of sitting in front of the computers.

Google Fit is a reply to Apple Healthkit that Apple announced few months back. And today, Microsoft announced their platform called Microsoft Health. We, the consumers, are the ones being benefited from these healthy competitions. Pun intended. Google Watch, Apple Watch and today’s Microsoft Band, all are just eye opening examples of this observation, no doubt about that.

Coming back to Google Fit. Download and install the app, set it up with basic data about yourself like height, weight etc and you are ready to go. Put the phone in your pocket. The app runs in the background. It measures the number of steps you take in a day, whenever you walk. It also measures the steps when you run or jog. It even has a mode to input your cycling data. I believe Google will come up with much more useful and inputtable data in the near future.

Data is credibility. No data, no credibility. It’s a very cruel world that way. If you approach someone to teach them gymnastics or aerobics and can’t show any credibility to your name, why would they sign up under you? They won’t. Similarly, if you approach anyone and mention you are health conscious and really take steps to work on it, why would anyone believe your word of mouth? Data is everything. Google Fit enables you to show that data to the people that doubts you are a couch potato.

I used to use Runkeeper before, for quite a long time. It’s the same concept altogether. Same with Nike+ as well. Negatives were, you had to have your data on for them to track and post your data to their servers. With Google Fit, nada. You don’t need to have your data on, and it still works fine. If you have your location data (i.e. GPS) on, it will track your location, otherwise it won’t. Quite focussed, I would say. Only thing it misses is to show you the length in Kilometres for your walks or runs or jogs. And am sure Google will come up with the update quite soon.

Am attaching few screenshots with my Google Fit data for the last two days of usage, since its inception. The geek that I am, am happy with how it’s working fine till now. We have a long way to go ahead, health technology wise. This might be very wise steps towards it.

Get Fit here from the Play Store:
This is Apple HealthKit:
This is Microsoft Health:
This is the amazing band Microsoft released today:

Regarding the Microsoft Band, I think this is after a very long time that am excited about any product from Microsoft. To the point that I might want to get one for myself.

2014-10-30 18.32.49

2014-10-30 18.32.59

2014-10-30 18.33.08

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