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This review of Hotel Shadab was written for Zomato around August, 2012, almost four years back. During all these four years of my stay in Hyderabad, this might be the place I have always been the most excited about while recommending to people.

This post is an effort to pull this review from Zomato.

I have been to Hotel Shadab numerous times – alone, with friends, with family, you name it – but have never been disappointed. And am sure you won’t be too!

My rating: 5 / 5

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While everyone’s reply to my ‘Where can I have the best Hyderabadi Biryani in the city?‘ on my first meet was ‘Paradise‘, I remember only a single person replying with ‘Hotel Shadab‘. So, giving it a try was not among the priorities. But, since it was among the options, giving it a try was an option as well. I pat my luck at its back for letting me to try Shadaab.

Shadaab or Hotel Shadab is in Madina Circle, near to Charminar and away from the new city Hyderabad. Being situated in the midst of the old city Hyderabad, it’s quite normal that most newcomers don’t get to know about its existence in popular food websites and review journals, as they don’t tend to go out of popular word of the mouth food places. Though most of the times it pays, Shadab is an exception in its true sense.

It’s a two storey building, with a dingy ground floor. It tends to push away visitors from it, and if they gather the courage and visit the first floor and finally manage to get a seat after the minimum wait of 5-10 minutes gets over, starts the magic.

If you are a true lover of all things related to Biryani, you must try the Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani that Shadaab serves. The price is not too exorbitant and not too less as well. But the dish is an absolute delight. The waiters are awesome, and they may mention against taking one Biryani plate for oneself as they have noticed not everyone can manage to finish that. Get the dish called Pakistani Chicken with the biryani, and also take a bottle of coke, and you are good to go. Pakistani Chicken, the name and the colour (deep dark greenish) may me weirdsome, but it goes the best with the subtle redmeaty taste of the Biryani with its not-too-spicy yet not-too-sweet taste. The Kebabs are absolute delicacies and so are the other side dishes.

The Haleem served during Ramzaan was the second best in the city after that of Pista House, and Shadab did it there as well.

You might be too full of all the eating upstairs, but when you come down, get into the dingy ground floor, occupy the rather old chairs, and order for a cup of Irani Tea. It can be assured that you will have one of the best Irani Chai (Tea) you have ever had. It’s served upstairs as well, but at a lesser cost, the ground floor version gives you the idea of the heritage and the history of good food that the old city Hyderabad has.

Hotel Shadab will be remembered by a true foodie for long, if only you get better places to have Hyderabadi Biryani dishes. A much recommended place to visit.

When anyone asks me what are the must visit places in a short stay at Hyderabad, my answer always includes Hotel Shadab. Charminar, Salar Jung, Chow Mahalla, Ramoji Film City become the options after that.

10 upon 5, anyday.

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