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Things in mind – July, 2016

It’s been a long time that I have actually blogged – for the love of it – apart from working on reviews and interviews for Between The Lines. Whenever I sit to write these days, nothing flows out and I end up feeling nostalgic about and envious of the good old blogging days from college.

In the midst of this apocalypse (when words don’t tumble out as they are supposed to), I have decided to give ‘writing’ a push – one day at a time, one small (relevant / irrelevant) post at a time – till I get back the groove. My writing abilities now is infinitely worse than those good old days, and it’s high time I need to get back the mojo!

It’s been two years since I have not written anything worthy enough to ask someone else to read – after the short story published in the city magazine – and before it gets worse, I need to get back the confidence to make others read more and more of them. That’s the plan!

So, here are the things am occupied with, these days, in no particular order:

  • I need to get back to writing – the plan is to write something everyday, however minuscule and irrelevant, on this blog and get back the groove.
  • I have got some fantastic short story ideas in mind – but until point 1 is being taken care of, working on those ideas might actually make me hate them.
  • I am a mediocre editor and a mediocre writer. Although I love what I do at Between The Lines, I think I don’t have the patience to be a better editor – something I need to learn more about, if I want to take BTL ahead.
  • When it comes to work and career, I love my role as a developer. It lets me to do what I love to do the most – to create things. I might not be the most creative person around (I would like to be the one though!), but I like the fact that I do a job that lets me to be one, however less or insignificant way it might be.
  • After the death of the two pet turtles (let’s not talk about it), the tank is now the home of a pair of Black Molly (Poecilia sphenops) and a pair of Red mickey mouse platy (Xiphophorus maculatus). I am doing some detailed studies on both the species and using my earlier experience (from home), I hope things shall work out this time.
  • I might be an ambivert. I remember a discussion from an earlier training at work when I was asked what I think I was like. When I replied that I thought I was an introvert, the lecturer (not taking the name here) asked me not to be one. She never discussed or explained the reason. The last four years made sure am no longer an introvert now.
  • I have learnt to love food quite late in my life. I hope I still have time to learn to keep myself fit.
  • When it comes to music, I have a weakness for acoustic songs. In contrast, I also love alternate rock, hard rock and death metal music.
  • When it comes to movies, I like narratives more than any other styles. RIP Abbas Kiarostami. And I like movies centered and based around conversations the most. Read – Before Sunrise trilogy, Copie Conforme (Certified Copy). I like what Richard Linklater did with the trilogy. There is something about two people having meaningful conversations among themselves.
  • When it comes to books, with time I have come to realize, I love biographies and autobiographies more than fictions. It gives me valuable insights to how successful people have led their life and makes me learn from them. The writing has to be witty.
  • After a long time, I have again started to enjoy photography. I am learning the more technical things and with new gears around, I am enjoying it more than ever.
  • I want to travel more – in 2015 I travelled four times to three different places. In 2016, in comparison, I have travelled once.

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